Soran ( ASHTY ) Hospital


Vins Engineering and Construction Company was founded in 2003 by Sabah Mulhim Mohi and already achieved various design and construction successes in northern Iraq. Vins Engineering and Construction is a design/build, general contractor and professional manager of construction services located at the heart of Erbil in Dream city. We do invest on people therefore we focus on gathering highly experienced professionals in their fields who will deliver innovative and quality service for our clients.

One of our successes can be defined as we deliver a wide range of habitual spaces on time, such as industrial, office, recreational and commercial buildings also hospitals and residential buildings.  We also deliver large scale of complex projects that are based on government contracting.

Integrity, trust and hard work are the main pillars of our values at Vins Engineering and Construction for every aspect we deal with. We respect the environment and always aim to create habitual spaces with environmental concern. Creating designs with a concern for environment and adopting the construction to natural conditions is our main goal. We believe the concern for nature itself starts from respecting and protecting environment with every action we do because we have only one Earth.

From the designs of blue prints of a project, Vins Engineering & Construction practices high end technologies in order to increase the efficiency of the work. We apply state of the art technologies in our constructions for the comfort of people.

Vins Engineering and Construction is eager to create and develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly living spaces. Our goal is to use innovative and smart designs and buildings that enhance the lives of all who benefit from them.


We are building the future...