From the Chairman

   We started VINS construction & engineering company in 2003 with the vision of rebuilding Iraq. The situation of those days demanded a rebuild of the country. With this idea in mind we hired experts from outside Iraq, engineers and technicians, as well as best suitable designs from well established firms. Our efforts and honesty in our work is evidence as we became the first company, not only in the region but also in all parts of Iraq, to build 5 hospitals in 6 years, and a residential complex of 1100 units. The words of praise from authorities in the region have also deeply impacted our responsibility as well as our creativity.
    Our country does not develop when it does not provide the right jobs for its firms. I always emphasize that in order to do a proper job in construction, design must be as important as the construction supervision. If this is achieved, then it is certain that it will be a complete achievement.
    I assure you once again, as a construction and engineering company, our priorities are the quality of work, accuracy of the job and delivering the project on time, never profits. So many times, our competitors were surprised to hear the prices of bids we got the projects for because of the excellent quality of implementation. Just for this reason alone, ministries appreciated and gave us their thanks; Minister of Health in Kurdistan for the hospital and Minister of Investment in Kurdistan region for the residential complex, gave their thanks in delivering the project on time and for reasonable prices.
    Finally, I would like to extend my thanks here to everyone who work with us; without them we would not be where we are right now. And last but not least, i am thankful to god, for directing all our efforts to reach true peace of mind at work.